The Kingmakers

Cover of The Kingmakers by Angus Scott

Hal Drummond's simple life running a successful marine salvage business is shattered when a mysterious and wealthy European aristocrat offers him a job at a price he can't refuse. A simple search and salvage operation soon turns into a desperate race against time as Hal is unwittingly drawn into an ancient battle that threatens to tear his own world apart. In a maelstrom of betrayal and heartbreak his quest for the truth pits him against ruthless assassins and powerful hidden forces that, paradoxically, both protect and threaten his very survival.

From the glamour of St Tropez and the Caribbean to the harsh cruelty of the North Sea, Hal's fight for answers leads to tragedy as he uncovers a conspiracy that not only devastates his own life but casts light in the dark shadows that drive the very foundations of modern European politics.

Shadows that hide a secret that will shake the very beliefs of the entire Western world.

The Calabar Contract - Coming Soon

Jake Hemmings, ex soldier and philanderer, gave up on the grey boredom of the UK and now carves a simple living in the tropical beauty of Equatorial Guinea. However, being caught sleeping with the President's wife is never a good career move, especially when the most powerful man in the country discovers what's been going on.

When Jake finds the woman dead in his bed, he knows it's time to leave.

What he didn't expect on arriving back in the UK was being arrested for her murder and threatened with deportation to face a certain death penalty at the hands of an angry President.

What he also didn't expect was to be offered a fortune by the British Government to remove the President and replace him with a benign dictator more aligned with British oil interests...

Jake faces a dilemna; be deported to face hanging by the brutal despot, or put together an army to invade one of the most heavily defended islands in West Africa.

In an action-packed adventure full of mercenaries, betrayal, brothers in arms and brothers in blood, Jake Hemmings is taken from the tropical glamour of Singapore to the desert heat of Dubai in his quest for survival and revenge. At the heart of British politics and the ruthless machinatinons of the oil industry, this is a tale of war once again tearing apart this ravaged continent.

To read the first 3 chapters of the Calabar Contract for free, follow the 'more' link for your chance to get an early taste of the new novel.

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