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Angus Scott spent his formative years in Yorkshire, England. Educated in the wilds of Cumbria he spent his early adult years enjoying any adventure sport available. When he wasn't hanggliding in the Dales or paragliding in the Alps, he was diving in the South China Sea or kite-surfing the Mediterranean. With an enduring attitude that laughed in the face of responsibility, he summited Mt Blanc barely having understood how to put on crampons.

His quest for adventure led him to spending several months fighting with the Mujahideen against the Russian invaders in Afghanistan during the Cold War. Posing as a journalist and ultimately as a Doctor, he found himself living as a guerilla fighter, dodging helicopter gunships, Migs and Russian snipers on the Afghan mountain-sides. He eventually escaped back to the West whilst his co-fighters, at that time Western allies, ultimately became today's enemies, the Taleban.

More legitimately, he subsequently spent ten years in the Territorial Army, a time shared between the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Green Jackets and the Prince of Wales Own Regiments, enjoying adventure, muddy trenches and learning to handle a huge range of infantry weaponry.

Realising he had to grow up some time, he enjoyed a successful early career as a Chartered Investment Surveyor, reaching a senior level working in London, Leeds and Glasgow before realising life had more to offer. So, discarding a very lucrative office-based career, he returned to University to do a Masters degree and subsequently worked in the oil industry, offshore worldwide on rigs, barges and vessels for several years. His work took him to places both glamorous and dangerous, with several years spent in West Africa. With sad inevitability his career has taken him back into the office and back up the managerial tree. His spirit of adventure now lives primarily in his writing.

Having lived in Paris and Geneva, Angus now lives in Scotland, Vice President in an oil services company and is married to a very beautiful Yorkshire girl. He spends his spare time writing and training for his third Ironman triathlon.

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  I loved this book. There are several story threads that are each riveting yet seemingly unrelated, and I found myself unable to put it down desperate to know how they would intertwine, and I wasn't disappointed.