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Who is Angus Scott?
Amongst other things, Angus Scott is an author, born in Yorkshire and living in Scotland. His debut novel, The Kingmakers, is now published by Amazon and is available for sale on Amazon's website. The Kingmakers is an action-adventure story largely based on Angus' own experiences during his number of years working globally in the oil industry offshore. Why not take a moment to read about the man behind the book. See the Biography section for a potted history of Angus' past and career, his own adventures and experiences that now influence the content of his books. Don't forget to check out the Facebook page set up within which you can keep up with all the latest news from the author himself, as well as updates on his latest novel, The Calabar Contract.


Update: click here to be one of the first to read the opening chapters of the new novel, The Calabar Contract!

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  I could not wait to get from one chapter to the next. The plot was so mysterious and I didn't know which way it was going from one exciting period to the next - BRILLIANT! Looking forward to his next publication!